Bite Da Bullet

Bite Da Bullet is an open independent record label located in West Yorkshire. Our primary objective is to provide artists with the freedom to express themselves creatively, free from the constraints of generic distributors and promoters. We are passionate about live performances and believe that they are an essential component of the music industry.

We proudly present a wide array of music, events, and musical products on this page, accompanied by an extensive blog section that delves into various topics relevant to the music industry. Our platform serves as a comprehensive resource for music enthusiasts, providing valuable insights and updates.

Our label specializes in a specific pool of genres, including Post Punk, Indie, Rave, and Jungle. We are committed to promoting and supporting emerging artists who are pushing the boundaries of these genres and creating innovative and exciting music in the Yorkshire area.

How to Set up an Online Radio Station for Free

Setting up your own online radio station can be an exciting venture that allows you to share your love of music, talk shows, or podcasts with the world. Not only is it a fantastic way to express yourself creatively, but it also offers numerous benefits that traditional radio stations might not provide.

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How to make Trap music

Learn how to make Trap music with our step-by-step guide. From choosing the right software to creating the perfect beat, this article has everything you need to know about producing your own Trap beats.

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Understanding the Importance of Networking and Promotion in the Music Industry

Understanding the basic methods of developing networking and promotional skills as a musician.

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Merchandise as a crucial revenue stream for music artists post-covid

How merchandise has become the main source of income for artists

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All to Know about Jungle Music

A deep dive into the UK's urban, underground sound

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DJ Scratching for Beginners

An intensive guide on how to build a foundation of the Hip-Hop technique.

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